Weekly Monday Program 2018

Marin Zen Meditation is taking the entire month of August off and will resume our weekly schedule starting Sept, 10th.


  • 6:45 gather & set up
  • 7:00 meditation begins
  • 7:35 walking meditation
  • 7:40 service in the Soto Zen style
  • 7:50 break
  • 7:55 dharma offering
  • 8:30 end & clean up

3  Closed for Labor Day Holiday
10  TBA
17  TBA
24  Retreat Night, an evening of silence with 3 periods of meditation





Retreat Night 2018

  •  6:45  Gather and set up the room
  • 7:00   1st period of meditation
  • 7:25   walking meditation
  • 7:30   2nd period of meditation
  • 7:55   Kinhin
  •  8:00   3rd period of meditation
  • 8:25   refuges & silent cleanup
  • 8:30   bow out and good night

July 30

Retreat Night is an evening of silence.  From the time you leave your car until you return to your car, please maintain silence.  If you have questions, you can speak to the 'greeter' seated in the entry way.  Take off your shoes, enter quietly and find either a chair or cushion on the floor.  Everyone is welcome to meditate all three periods or come/go as their schedule allows.



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